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New Law Protects Online Reviewers

By William Niehoff, shareholder and Melissa Meirink, associate

A new federal law may cause more problems for businesses attempting to deal with unfair negative online reviews. Business owners already face a number of hurdles in addressing or removing fake or unfair online consumer reviews. The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016, which was signed into law by President Obama in December, makes certain terms of form contracts void if the terms prohibit or restrict a consumer from engaging in a review of a business’s goods, services, or conduct.

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My child just turned 18. Do I still have access to medical records?

By Beth K. Flowers, shareholder

In Illinois, the age of 18 is when a child is considered a legal adult.

When your child becomes a legal adult at age 18, you lose parental rights to be involved in your child’s affairs. In other words, your child gains legal rights to do things independently and without your consent or involvement. These rights include voting, entering into contracts, applying for credit without a cosigner, buying personal property and real estate, making a will, and obtaining medical treatment without parental consent.

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I’ve Just Been Fired. Do I Have a Wrongful Termination Case?

by Mark S. Schuver, Shareholder

Almost everyone who is fired from a job believes that their termination is “wrongful.” However, just because you believe that your employer was wrong for firing you does not mean that you have grounds for filing a lawsuit. Rather than referring to these types of employment lawsuits as “wrongful termination,” a better name would be “unlawful termination.”

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